Building upon our experience treasured up for 9 years, we grew in to an organizational structure that leads the way in providing  “Facade Cladding Design Solutions & Implementation” services for complete superstructure projects.

Due to our strong background in design and execution, we have been able to succeed in the projects by prioritizing our functional approach. Whereby, the “go faster with amateur & family mind, best outcome with mastery” approach we build together major contribution to our Clients. We never failed to realize that our efficient structure has always been the most significant anchorage for our Clients.

Having served our Clients as a strategic partner in providing high quality services in full commitment on various grounds with cost efficient solutions. We are proud to know and also verify with our credentials that today it has become our understanding of “work ethics, corporate structure and being fair” to deliver our projects on a turnkey basis with expected performance guarantees fulfilled.

Our aim is to continue providing high quality services even more efficiently in cooperation with our professional teams working in collaboration.

As Ahunbay Construction, we are honoured to witness that our Clients always feel our full support which enhance our contributions for their success in their commitments.

In brief, Ahunbay Construction will maintain its mentality of offering reliable services in the future as in the past.

Chairman & CEO